Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Jamz on Thursday

It's getting cold and blustery up here at MA towers, so even more reason to stay in and dig deep....

I really don't know much about Run DMT apart from they're the kind of artist that i may have obsessed about a little as a teenager. A la mode 2011 stylee they release via casette, which is cool for me car-wise but pretty annoying Spotify-wise. Anyway, this is underground music that is entrancing and inviting and reminds me of as disparate artists as David Axelrod, Spacemen 3 and Ariel Pink . Check this un -

like it? download the whole goddam album here

Thee Oh See's sneakily released a new album which i knew nothing about until browsing the old Pitchfork. This particular track is by far and away the most one-dimensionally thrilling song i've heard all year (check the solos!). Come back to Manchester PLEEASE...

Anybody who's been with me since the beginning of this blog will know that Kwes.'s debut single was a big hit round these parts. Well he's just signed to Warp and here's his first new material in ages.

  Kwes - Get Up (download MP3 at ) by kwes

Apparently he has a rare condition called colour synaesthesia, which allows him to actually see sound as colours. Would perhaps suggest how he manges to make his music sound so confusing yet soothing. Looking froward to his debut album, which i think should sit quite nicely next to one of my favourite (shockingly progressive) albums of the 80's, i.e A.R Kane's 69

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