Friday, 21 October 2011


Well... i've been talking about it for long enough.. But finally i'm putting on a night here in Manchester.

idea 2 final

As you can see it's not exclusively Northern Soul, but i'm expecting some northern soul-esque frugging.

Flares optional..

Hospital Radio - Time To Get Ill

Friday, 14 October 2011

Strange Brew

Clapton is God? Really??
Cos to these ears he's made some of the worst music i've ever had the misfortune to hear. When i was younger, i used to read (respectable) journaists waxing lyrical about which Clapton period was the best, when i think it would have been handier to my formative mind, for them to be discussing which period stank less of shit.

Don't believe what the people say. In the late 60's The Velvet Underground, Love & The Stooges sold about 10 records between them and this idiot was prancing around London like he owned the place.

I was thinking of posting the videos below with the Clapton cover beneath them, but although it would demonstrate the palpable GULF between amazing music and horrible overwrought gibberish, it would be too painful for all concerned.

So, anyway, here are some amazing tunes

And he murdered them all. What a prick.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Taking Care Of Business

So i dont go on (that) much on here about the bands i work with (or for) but it would seem rather remiss of me not to mention that:

The rather amazing Driver Drive Faster have a new single out this week

Listen to the whole (subtly brilliant) debut album here:
Driver Drive Faster – Open House

Also these young tykes from Southampton who i've started working with, Montage Populaire have had the decency to give away an Ep of recordings called, 'Nothing Serious', don't believe them, it is...

For fans of Super Furry Animals, Ariel Pink, Syd Barrett etc...Grab the freebie here, or watch a vid to whet your appetite here:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Blood On The Microphone.

I watched an excellent documentary on Nilsson last night. And do you know what, it depressed the hell out of me.

Too much pain, too much sadness....

too much fucking perspective

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Teenage Symphonies To God

I forgot that this is some of the most beautiful music ever made (especially the first 22 seconds).

and it made me want to listen to this

and remember how they (sort of)  invented chillwave

and how all the superlatives for Pet Sounds are pretty much spot on

maybe i'll invent an alarm clock that randomises a different Beach Boys song to wake up to. Tomorrow i'd like it to be this.