Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sympathetic Anaesthetic

I was having a beer with Graham (ex Bricolage) and now Post the other night and started talking about the Fire Engines. Now Graham is very fortunate in so much as he's currently playing guitar with (Engines main man) Davey Henderson's latest project Sexual Objects. After we'd downed a few, i started talking about my LOVE for the engines and opined that just maybe Davey Henderson is the most underrated Pop/Rock star EVER.

After all he did produce one of the greatest pop songs of the 80's

And, with the Fire Engines, made the most urgent, effervescent 'pop' music of the late 70's/early 80's. Sort of Beefheart's Magic Band on fizzy sweets. Example:

After the short lived brilliance of the Fire Engines, Henderson formed 'Win' with the aim (presumably) to be massively successful in the pop arena.

Difficult to tell in hindsight whether this was some kind of post-modern joke, but what is certain, is that they sold less than fuck all records.

After Win, lost - Henderson's next project was the utterly ace Nectarine No9. Disgustingly, there is barely ANY internet evidence of their existence. Can i please ask that you listen to their ace 'A Sea With Three Stars' LP? Maybe start with this one? Hey, in my humble opinion it's one of the finest album's of the 90's and sort of beat Beck to the Odelay post-modern punch.

Now Davey is doing the aforementioned Sexual Objects thing to an audience of less than deserved. AND STILL that prick Bono exists.

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