Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Jamz On Wednesday

Some good tunes floating around early 2012. For example, i'm totes having this

 Heard this next one on (the ever reliable) Marc Riley's show on Monday night. Lovin those synths.

 I know almost nothing about Evy Jane, apart from this has the same sense of dislocation and beauty that was evident on Portishead's debut


 Finally, if Panda Bear had come back with something as focused, yet alluring as this with his 2nd record, i would've been much happier.

Feels like the kind of song (like Django Django's latest) that works better coming randomly on the radio than by volition, but it's enjoyable all the same...

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Rin said...

"Dislocation and beauty" is such a wonderful description. I diggit.