Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer's Almost Gone

I've been on my holidays and come back to crimson and gold, i.e Autumn.

Bye then Summer, till next year.

Full Spotify playlist here:


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Let The Sunshine In

i'm such a sucker for this kind of blue eyed, knock-kneed, sunshine-pop

Wedding Day by Dent May

Racking my brain for where he's stolen the verse's main guitar riff. is it Steely Dan's 'Peg'? A Go! Team track? Answers on a postcard please.

The flip-side to this single is pretty lo-key ace-ness too. A crass description would be The Raspberries covering Spacemen 3, which is obviously a brilliant idea if chronologically impossible.

  Fun by Dent May

Monday, 15 August 2011

the fault is, i can find no fault in you.

i often think that if i went to Mars, this song would be number 1 for ever

extraterrestrial white funk. beyond this world and timeless, yes. close the curtains and turn this up very loud, then luxuriate in the icy beauty.

Billy, i miss you. Miss yours and Alan's risk taking, your talent, and the fact that as a young teenager you took me out of my bedroom in Blackpool to a purple paradise.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


after a little too much red wine last night, amid MUCH DANCING, decided that this is the most joyous thing ever.

Still have to start this northern soul night i've been threatening for 5 years - here's another killer. check the horn crescendo around 1.12... and tremble.

finally, was reminded by a friends post on Faceberk the other day about how when i was in third year juniors my teacher Mr Fretwell used to, shout at me "AHHHHHH Dean Taylor - there's a ghost in my house!"

Find the full frugging tracklisting here:
northern soul

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Jamz on Friday

Looks like Dream-Pop just woke up...

  I Break Horses - Winter Beats by Bella Union

although, i often find when a song is more focused like this one, i get bored more quickly In fact, think i might have even been getting bored before that one finished. Expect a big push for this lot and broadsheet features that nobody reads apart from the band, label and publicist.

I'm always loathe to post stuff from artists i work with (or for) on here business and pleasure and all, but this is really rather lovely.
  I Too Was Untrue by Sun Green
check out his bands album too, which is one of those records that doesn't belong in the internet age (ie it rewards patience) Driver Drive Faster – Open House

Driver Drive Faster are from Manchester, as is this next artist. Liz Green is certainly one of, if not the most interesting artist to come out of the rainy city in a long while. Need evidence?

  01 Displacement Song by Liz Green


Monday, 8 August 2011

New Jamz On Monday

Ok, so this is the best Hip-Hop album album i've heard in quite a while

not available on Spotify yet, but you could actually BUY it....

Anybody who's read my blog over the last few years would know that i got quite excited about the 'Chillwave' phenomenon a few years back, but to be honest most of the acts second albums have left me a little cold as opposed to the requisite 'chilled' (Panda Bear, Memory Tapes, Washed Out, i'm looking at you). However, the good news is that John Maus, credited by some (i dont fucking know who, Pitchfork maybe?) as the 'Godfather of Chillwave' (yes i am aware of how ridiculous this sounds), has produced a rather lovely little album.

i appreciate that his voice may not be to some people's taste, especially those who consider Adele 'soulful'.
Spotify link John Maus – We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves

Do you like Nu-Folk?... No, me neither, however, absolutely no idea who this man is, but he does that sort of cosmic Wicker Man vibe pretty well

if you like videos, or, if you have spotify, this is the song that keeps me running at the gym. (Yes, i have a very odd soundtrack for the gym, i often look around and wonder who else could possibly be listening to Bat Chain Puller By Captain Beefheart...)
Alexander Tucker – Matter


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hungry Beat

in the top 100 songs like, ever...

gasp at the awesomeness y'all