Monday, 25 June 2012

Journey into Tyme

Hey you lot, I'd like to welcome myself back to this page after a sustained period of abstinence. There's been two reasons for my relative silence. 1) I've been busy and 2) I've been uniformly uninspired by most of the new music released this year.

However, i like this... a lot

Ty Segall's been dancing around my consciousness for a few years now, but this record has made me sit up and take notice properly. For a cheap comparison (my stock in trade) Segall could be a bit like the new Jack White (at the stage when John Peel proclaimed The White Stripes were "The most exciting thing since Jimi Hendrix.”) A serious underground hype is building up, due to everything he releases is at least interesting if not mostly excellent, coupled with the fact he seems to be releasing a record every month at the moment. Here's one that's out this week:

The first video was a track from the 'Hair' album he recorded with White Fence. White Fence actually being just one man, Tim Presley, who might be better known as being a part of The Strange Boys, who's Be Brave single from a few years ago was a corker. White Fence are right up my street, indulgent, noisy, (impossibly) lo-fi, nuggets-obsessed stoners (i imagine) who swap studio polish for inspiration and end up sounding at times like tracks leaked from Syd Barrett's stay at the institution.


Just to make things even more confusing, bass player for Ty Segall's band, Mikel Cronin brought a rather fine album out himself last year

But it's Segall who the smart money's on busting through to the mainstream in the near future, apparently you lucky people on the other side of the pond currently have the opportunity to see him playing with the (incredible) Thee Oh Sees on tour at the moment, you'd possibly have to be insane not to get there now.


Rin said...

Why I concur. And Segall's gonna be playing over there soon too! Here is a nice big thing on White Fence from that magazine that's insane enough to have me working in an actual, real-deal, official capacity, now with added album-review editing:

With a fistpump,

Rin said...

Ahahaha AND he will never post because he's a leading figure in the ornery-I-will-not-play-along-with-anything scene but your post got my great pal Chris gleeing about Ty 'n' Fence and the like and he says (FU Chris I'm postin your shitz):

well live its tim + dudes
fuck theyre amazing live
one of the awesomest shits of ever
they just shred forever
its like the adverts / homosexuals
plus freakbeat shit
like super well-written 76 uk art-punk with fucked up psych ripping

Unknown said...


Shame on me for not mentioning that.

Rin - what is this 76 art-punk shiz your friend mentions? over here in '76 it all seemed very, heads-down, sleeveless t-shirts and rockabilly quiffs?.....

Rin said...

I was wondering about that myself. I'll ask. AND OF COURSE I KNEW HE WAS IN THE FALL!!!!!!!!

Rin said...

Rin: hey my friend was curious about yer White Fence comparison to 76 UK art punkishness!

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: oh really?
ask it
basically live its not like the records

Rin: think you mentioned adverts/homosexuals

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: its a full band and 1000% asskickers
yup def
total adverts + freakbeat solos

Rin: Rin - what is this 76 art-punk shiz your friend mentions? over here in '76 it all seemed very, heads-down, sleeveless t-shirts and rockabilly quiffs?.....

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: haha

Rin: I told him I would ask

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: i guess as opposed to like
the first damned LP, first sex pistols
shit that was way more rock n rolled out
wf is like spiral scratch buzzcocks, adverts, homosexuals

Rin: yeah I dunno if that's what I'd expect live!

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: no me neither
but it was one of the best shows i saw that year
all the musicians there were like 'ah fuck'
tims old band was killer too
darker my love

Rin: I'm gonna post this in his blog comments!

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: noooooo!!!!!
just paraphrase it haha

Rin: I'm taking your name out

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: my aim chats are not for attribution
put in a cooler name

Rin: what name do you want

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: lemme think
ah just make up something hard to type

Rin: how about

QuetzalcoatlAsDepictedInTheCodexTelleriano-Remensis: yeah fuck yeah
well done