Friday, 13 July 2012

New Jamz On Friday

Wholly unoriginal, yet rather fun, the second album from Madchester's Milk Maid is out this week. If you're a fan of that pre-grunge / post-punk, thrumming guitar attack mixed up with Chilton-esque chord structures, as perpetuated in the late 80's by the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub, Gumball, etc - then, this is for yooooooo.

 Milk Maid – Mostly No

Tame Impala, are ace, this is not conjecture, but hard cold fact. With every release, they manage to outdo themselves, which considering that their last release was the inestimable Innerspeaker, tells you how good the new stuff is sounding already.

Despite the US hipster press trying to force feed us (me?) the idea that Ariel Pink is some kind of post-modern, underground genius, his new track sounds unerringly like something The Lightening Seeds would have released in 1989. Despite that, it's rather lovely 60's guitar pop, fractured through a late- 80's hazy gauze and i'm going to post it here:


Rin said...

I'm diggin the newish one-off from Unknown Mortal Orchestra (I think it's a one-off?):

Rin said...

Wait I can do HTML in this jawn, huh?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - I'll Come Back 4 U

Rin said...

Oh and one more, Chrysta C's summer jams recommendations in work video + playlist form!

Not a Bad Gig, Cherrie