Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Jamz On Wednesday

Hey, I like The Spectrals, they fall just on the right side of 'Indie' (i.e more like The Pale Fountains than say Beady Eye). The debut album is a bit like if The La's came back with a new album on Captured Tracks. Which is rather nice obvs. Checkitowt

Have i mentioned Real Estate before? Good, you've been paying attention then. The new album gets better each play and thirty plays in, that's pretty, pretty good. Here's the album closer which is, let's face it, PERFECT.

Been hearing this next one on the radio (read 6music) a lot. Always very pleasing to listen to, although, they look bloody dreadful and  it sounds SO 90's i almost dismissed it. However John S has been texting me telling me that they are the psychedelic Everly Brothers and i should listen to the album, so i will, and so should you...

And finally, the girls in my house are very much digging this one. And the girls are never wrong... Like a young Kim Gordon fronting Tom Tom Club. Yeah? YEAHHH!

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Rin said...

I listened to the Cashier No9 song a coupla times last night, hadn't heard it before. On your recommendation I'll try not to look at them, though.