Friday, 4 November 2011

It was 20 years ago today

that i put this record on and SERIOUSLY thought that the vinyl was faulty. I took it back to my local Our Price and they gave me another one, took it home and thought, 'maybe my record player is fucked?'

When i bought the 'Soon' 12" it was a very big moment. Madchester was in its ascendancy but all the cool DJ's knew that THIS was the future*

*unfortunately it wasn't the future, it was, in fact, the end of music being a progressive force. Literally, a full stop to music being a progressive art form. It almost (did) INVENTED post-rock. An amazing amalgamation of rock, hip-hop, noise and melody,

And then Andrew Weatherall used the song to make my favourite dance song EVER.

I was already a fan of MBV before all of this, i'd watched them go from a knock-kneed indie-pop band to one of the most interesting bands around. They disembowelled rock to leave just the entrails. example*

A long time ago, an ex-girlfriend and i, decided, whilst interviewing potential house-share members, to cheekily throw in the question, "Do you think that Diana was a cunt?" The idea being that if they were offended, they probably weren't the kind of person that we'd want to live with. Equally, if i meet someone who's heard My Bloody Valentine, and doesn't agree they are in the top 5 bands EVER.

I don't want to be their friend.


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