Monday, 8 August 2011

New Jamz On Monday

Ok, so this is the best Hip-Hop album album i've heard in quite a while

not available on Spotify yet, but you could actually BUY it....

Anybody who's read my blog over the last few years would know that i got quite excited about the 'Chillwave' phenomenon a few years back, but to be honest most of the acts second albums have left me a little cold as opposed to the requisite 'chilled' (Panda Bear, Memory Tapes, Washed Out, i'm looking at you). However, the good news is that John Maus, credited by some (i dont fucking know who, Pitchfork maybe?) as the 'Godfather of Chillwave' (yes i am aware of how ridiculous this sounds), has produced a rather lovely little album.

i appreciate that his voice may not be to some people's taste, especially those who consider Adele 'soulful'.
Spotify link John Maus – We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves

Do you like Nu-Folk?... No, me neither, however, absolutely no idea who this man is, but he does that sort of cosmic Wicker Man vibe pretty well

if you like videos, or, if you have spotify, this is the song that keeps me running at the gym. (Yes, i have a very odd soundtrack for the gym, i often look around and wonder who else could possibly be listening to Bat Chain Puller By Captain Beefheart...)
Alexander Tucker – Matter


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Melody Jane said...

I'm digging on the Tucker piece. I like the various strings used in rock.

There are definitely different kinds of "soulful" sounds. Maus has a great one. Don't hate me, I like Adele too. (o: Can't afford to step foot near one of her concerts, though.