Monday, 15 August 2011

the fault is, i can find no fault in you.

i often think that if i went to Mars, this song would be number 1 for ever

extraterrestrial white funk. beyond this world and timeless, yes. close the curtains and turn this up very loud, then luxuriate in the icy beauty.

Billy, i miss you. Miss yours and Alan's risk taking, your talent, and the fact that as a young teenager you took me out of my bedroom in Blackpool to a purple paradise.


Rin said...

I put the first video on and it immediately started to rain. Such is the power of these tunes.

Rin said...

Update: explosive thunderclap and car alarms going mad!

Unknown said...

Yes, it has that effect Rin.

See also:

Rin said...

Oh no, god's turned emo.