Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Jamz on Friday

Looks like Dream-Pop just woke up...

  I Break Horses - Winter Beats by Bella Union

although, i often find when a song is more focused like this one, i get bored more quickly In fact, think i might have even been getting bored before that one finished. Expect a big push for this lot and broadsheet features that nobody reads apart from the band, label and publicist.

I'm always loathe to post stuff from artists i work with (or for) on here business and pleasure and all, but this is really rather lovely.
  I Too Was Untrue by Sun Green
check out his bands album too, which is one of those records that doesn't belong in the internet age (ie it rewards patience) Driver Drive Faster – Open House

Driver Drive Faster are from Manchester, as is this next artist. Liz Green is certainly one of, if not the most interesting artist to come out of the rainy city in a long while. Need evidence?

  01 Displacement Song by Liz Green


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