Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Unknown Pleasures

There's an elite club, and in that club is a group of people who know that The Dovers, 'What Am I Going To Do', stands up there with all the great 60's standards. As hearbreaking as The Righteous Brothers, as symphonic as The Beach Boys, as jangle-tastic as The Byrds and as effortless as The Beatles. If you're a 60's freak and have never heard it, it's the best song ever.

While i'm at it, here are two other massively neglected (by commercial radio at least) 60's songs that get me hot and botherin...

featuring my fave guitar riff-

nerd alert - these guys pretty much invented garage-rock.

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Anonymous said...

The Dovers are brilliant - thanks so much for leading me to this little gem!