Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tone Soul Revolution

i'm a fan of vocal melodies that mimic the guitar line, sort of a more cosmic double track. Anyways here's a pretty cool example from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The album's a must for fans of the lo-fi psychedelia al a Elephant 6

Talking of Elephant 6 artists, Olivia Tremor Control - wheres't art though now? i remember their first album came on a double CD, claiming that if they were played at the same time would produce quadraphonic sound.

It didn't. 

However this song was a fixture around the time ('96) and is a lot more fun than their more 'celebrated' label-mates

Actually, think i may now have more psychedelic revival records in my collection than ones from the original period. Think this is the first (revival) one i bought


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