Friday, 3 June 2011

New Jamz on Friday

some more new stuff to mull over.

Hotel Mexico, confusingly enough are from Japan. So, listening to this I immediately found myself pining to listen to Cornelius, but stopped myself long enough to listen to this. And i'm glad i did. This new single sounds like Pinky & Perky jamming with Stereolab produced by Caribou. Lazy, journalistic references ahoy!

if you like this teaser and you're one of those crazy people who still like to 'own' music, grab it via GorillaVsBear here

Guess what? I liked a new band so much i actually asked if i could work with them. Thankfully, they said yes.
Live they remind me of, variously Big Star, Peter Gabriel, Beechwood Sparks and Mercury Rev, although this song is a bit like if Buffalo Springfield had come back and discovered grunge.

Last weekend i had to go to London which meant for about the third time now i missed Thee Oh Sees perform in Manchester. By the time i do get to see them, i think my excitement for seeing them may lead to me being slightly let down. Or they could just rock me to the motherfucking ground.

There's a new album out (now?) soon, but in the meantime, this is always worth a watch.

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